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Monday, January 3, 2011

"Playboy: The Mansion" allows players to virtually seize the reins from Playboy magazine's publishing visionary, Hugh Hefner. By hosting celebrity-packed parties and recruiting the most beautiful women in the world, players can build Playboy into a world-renowned cultural icon, while living the free-spirited Playboy lifestyle. They even will be able to direct their own flirtatious photo shoots and unlock decades of pictorials, videos and magazine covers straight from the Playboy vault.

The game plays out roughly like every other simulation-type game on the market.You get to control a character, in this case Hef himself, by pointing-and-clicking his way around the environment. By clicking on certain objects or people, you are presented with options, and it is your duty to make the best of these objects and persons. Before you can get wrapped up in Hugh’s love life, or an extravagant photoshoot, or a new addition to the mansion, you’ve got a magazine to begin to put together.
An issue is published every month, so you’ll get to create multiple issues. Making them is both a glimpse at creativity and a bit of a letdown: you get to choose multiple articles by different authors, pick a cover photo and a centerfold photo, and do a few other simple things like change the font color on the front of the issue. While that’s all dandy and good, that’s about all there is to it – aside from acquiring the photos (which I’ll get to a bit later), all of the articles consist of no more than a title, an author’s name, and a star rating, to place a value on the quality of the piece. Granted, getting “better” editorials is subjective, and a five star system is the only way it really works in context of the game, but still, only seeing the titles of the articles is rather disappointing – not to mention boring, after a short period of time.

download Here: Part 1
                         Part 2 
                         Part 3 

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