Here get pc gmaes in compressed,rip, format of direct singlr link

Friday, January 7, 2011



Once extracted just click on either setup.exe to start setting up
your config before starting the game or click on one of the other duke3d exe's.

Updated from:

1 Feb 2008 (3.6a)

From the author:

The Duke3D High Resolution Pack allows you to use much better
looking textures than the original game (released back in 1996)
had to offer in the first place. It also introduces 3D model replacements
for the old enemies/weapons/sprites. Incombination with an OpenGL
port like JFDuke3D or EDuke32 this gives Duke Nukem 3D a modernized,
more appealing look and even motivates Duke veterans to play through the ori
ginal episodes once again.

Visit to keep an eye
out for future updates.
works perfectly fine on XP, WIn 7 ,Vista and 64 bit.

Download Here:  Duke Nukam

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