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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cold Fear PC Rip 260mb compressed

Cold Fear places you in the role of Tom Hansen, a Coast Guard officer who encounters a derelict ship adrift on the Bering Sea. Upon boarding and exploring the ship, Hansen quickly discovers that things have gone decidedly south aboard the mysterious vessel. Everything is in shambles, with some parts of the ship destroyed and other parts on fire. More disturbingly, a large number of the ship's occupants seem strangely thirsty for Hansen's blood, and most of them don't seem quite human. There are a number of still-human survivors on the ship--Russian mercenaries, it turns out--but they'll be gunning for you too, in an attempt to cover up whatever madness has occurred on the doomed whaler.
System requirements:
Operating System : XP
Video Card : 128 MB
Ram : 512 MB RAM
CPU : 2 GHz
Part 1
Part 2

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