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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

FIFA 2000

There's more significance in the name FIFA 2000 than just the year. FIFA 2000 is truly the soccer game of a new millenium, and it has huge improvements over FIFA 99. The most obvious improvement is the addition of the 12 MLS teams to the already large roster of countless other leagues. Now fans of American soccer can pit their favorite US teams against each other, or even against the superior world teams. FIFA 2000 also introduces a few important gameplay additions that provide so much added depth to the game you'll wonder how you ever got through FIFA 99 without them. Mirroring popular football and baseball games on the market today, FIFA 2000 introduces icon passing from penalty locations. This makes it much easier to assist would-be strikers from the corners - with a button press you can guide a corner kick directly to your man inside the box, who is waiting to head the ball home. Another feature you'll learn to love is the pass-reliability rating - a small colored arrow in the pass direction that changes color depending on how well defended the pass recipient is. On defense, you can control your team's aggressiveness and formation on the fly, even so far as to make all your defenders leave their man and run at the ball at the touch of a button. With another touch of the button, they'll quickly return to the default strategy. All these additions are both well implemented and simple to use, enhancing the gameplay instead of overly complicating it.

System: Pentium-200MMX or equivalent
RAM:    32 MB
Video Memory: 8 MB
Hard Drive Space: 500 MB
Download Here : Fifa 2000s
Unrar password: PSPGOD

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