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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


EA came up in that time with new 3D engine. Gamers could, and even now still can, enjoy the possibilities of this graphical working. Of course it was going hand in hand with progress of an IT – on market started to be available graphic cards with support of 3D. Every cool gamer in that time was sick for the best hardware and so for the games where he could use it. The gamer’s reward then was brand new view of the game. And on the top of that was whole system rebuilt into 32 bit depth.

The game is greatly designed even what concerns the playbility. All those centres and long balls are great. Those who will not score in the first half of the match Czech: Brasil 4 goals are not so called virtual footballers. Sound reaches top qualities.

Bican and Panenka would have been fairly surprised though being dirty and sweating is even better.

+ Graphics, sound, Czech Republic.
- On some computers is not possible run FIFA.
Producer:  Electronic Arts Inc.
 Release:   1995
System:     DOS

Download: FIFA 96

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