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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Super Meat Boy incl Update 2 RIP-Unleashed incl Update 2 SAVE.FIX

Super Meat Boy is an extremely difficult game. Make the slightest mistake and you'll have to restart the stage over from the beginning -- there are no checkpoints. You might die a hundred times before you are finally reunited with Bandage Girl and the game gleefully keeps track of every death in the Statistics menu. It's such a tense experience my hands hurt after a while and I couldn't get a good grip on the controller any longer because of the sweat. But you have unlimited tries and most stages take less than a minute to complete once you know what you're doing. When you are triumphant you are rewarded with a replay of all your attempts running at once -- dozens of Meat Boys flying across the stage and being eviscerated by traps.

Even though Super Meat Boy doesn't have a multiplayer mode, it's a great game to play with friends. Since you often have to make many, many tries before completing a stage it's perfect for passing the controller around and letting everyone have a shot.
System requirements
Intel Processor              -Pentium 4 1.4 ghz
AMD Processor           -Atholon XP 1500+
Nvidia Graphics Card   -Ge force 6500
ATI Graphics Card      -Radeon X1270 
Ram                            -1Gb
Hard Disk                   - 1gb
Direct X                      - 9
Download  :Super Meat Boy
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