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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4 for PC

NOTE:As you may think of it, Yes it is the actual game cube game,but a group of gaming enthusiast make an installer version for it, thus the game itself is embedded on the Dolphin Emulator packed with it,,

Also,It is in Japanese but I think You're old enough to have common sense to understand a menu of a fighting game like this... IT'S VERY STRAIGHT FORWARD

For your translating needs, here's a link where you can find useful translations throughout the game,

>>extract all downloaded files into 1 directory
>>extract again the .Rar file named "IMAGE"

>>when finished,it goes someyhing like this...
>>click install
>>choose your directory of where to install the game

>>Go to the installation directory then click menu and Finally, Hit "Start Game"
You may want to configure 1st your controls,do that by going into the "NGNT4HIGH" Folder and click Dolphin, Under Options, you can find Gamecube Pad Settings"
Part 1 300mb
Part 2 300mb
Part 3 300mb
Part 4 300mb
Part 5 031mb


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