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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Samurai II: Legend game of all time - Portable

Samurai II: Legend game of all time - Portable
PC Game | Lang: English | Type: Portable | Size: 82 Mb

Samurai II: Who have been through the childhood should know this game. This is one of Legend game of all time. A normal game, not require a high PC Figure but so cool and now it was a portable version for PC sothat we can play it on our PC everywhere, everytime...

System required: Pentium III or higher
Playing guide:
Just click and play, if it require you to adjust screen resolution, turn it down to 24 bit or 16 bit
Use: A, S, D, W for Move and Jump, O - P - L - K - J - M for kick, punch, and slit your sword.

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