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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Guilty Gear X2 Compressed (480 Mb)

Generally considered the series' weak point, its fighting engine has often come under fire for a tendency to be too advanced for the casual fighting fan. And to tell you the truth it probably is (which may or may not be an explanation as to why it hasn't caught on as successfully on our side of the Pacific). For gamers looking to jump right in and get their feet wet with an advanced combat engine and plenty of diversity among its characters, however, this is the game for them.

Guilty Gear X2 reads like the bible of fighting game options. Taking a page from every other title out there, there doesn't seem to be a single feature on the horizon that's been left out of GGX2 for fear of the Completists. 

Arcade Mode should serve as the stomping grounds for the majority of you solo players out there, though making it through to the end of the challenge is rarely an easy task. Next up is something called M.O.M. (The initials for I know not what). This option is a lighthearted take on survival mode that earns you medals and points instead of kills (and yes, there's a regular Survival Mode too). Of course, you can enjoy the classic two-player head to head or exhibition match, or spend your precious time learning attacks in Training.

Believe it or not, there's still more to do. Story mode is a much deeper supplement to arcade (where you can get new endings and learn even more about the various characters), while the Mission option gives the player certain scenarios that they have to beat in order to advance. Finally, we come to the super-cool Gallery section. A terrific area that allows you to watch character endings, cut scenes, enjoy various artworks, it's here in the gallery that players can enjoy the benefits of all their hard work.

Part 1 105mb 
part 2 105mb 
Part 3 105mb 
Part 4 105mb 
Part 5 65mb

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