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Monday, December 20, 2010

Torchlight - Compressed (170 Mb)

ust don't expect any surprises. Torchlight is a successor to the Fate games, boasting the same attitude, art style, and lighthearted personality that make that series a breezier play than the gothic Diablo games. The storyline consists of the typical rudimentary excuse to get you killing things under the ground. Bad stuff is going down in Torchlight, a mining town built alongside a mountain loaded with deposits of the magic-enabling Ember mineral. A formerly good-guy adventurer named Alric has gone over to the dark side due to the corrupting influence of tainted Ember, so you sign on to help his former companion track him into the many dungeons that cut through the underworld beneath the town. The backdrop itself is a little offbeat, with the world being something of a medieval/steampunk mash-up. Battleaxes coexist with rifles, and you run into technological wonders like a robot bard who sends you on assassination runs. Artwork has a decidedly cartoonish leaning. Heroes have square Disney jaws and great big eyes. Monsters are more outlandish than creepy, with comic-book proportions and exaggerated attack movements. But the plot and quests revolve around familiar dungeon expeditions to kill monsters, fetch various items, and score lots of loot. So even if the game looks and feels a bit different, it remains a stock-standard action role-playing game at heart.
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